Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stream Your Music Collection to Anywhere with JukeFly

Stream Your Music Collection to Anywhere with JukeFly

If you like the idea of listening to your music collection on whichever computer you choose but aren’t satisfied with the plethora of music lockers out there (including the very nicely designed Anywhere.fm which was acquired by Imeem recently), check out the streaming music service JukeFly as an alternative.

JukeFly looks a lot like Anywhere.fm but there’s a crucial difference: instead of uploading all of your songs to JukeFly, as you would with Anywhere.fm, you download a 1.5mb client (currently only available for Windows) that will turn your computer into a streaming music server. If you leave your computer on and connected to the internet, you can go over to your friends house or a local internet cafe and play all your songs through the JukeFly website for free.

Because JukeFly has opted to leave the heavy lifting to users’ own broadband connections, the company doesn’t have to deal with the costs associated with serving up audio files. But it also doesn’t assist in distributing your files to others, resulting in a limit to how many people you can share your music with at a given time (currently only one friend). To remedy this restriction, the company is working on the ability of users to upload their JukeFly playlists up to a server so they can at least share songs in them with multiple others.

JukeFly supports MP3s, iTunes unencrypted formats (AAC and Apple Lossless/m4a), and Ogg Vorbis. The service should appeal to users with very large music collections since they won’t have to deal with uploading all of their songs. The two entrepreneurs behind JukeFly previously founded Tukaroo, a desktop search product that competed with Google and Yahoo’s desktop search offerings and was acquired by Ask in June 2004 (support for it has since been dropped). Development on JukeFly started in early 2007

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